Monday, December 1, 2008


So I have been think alot the last few weeks!! About this and that!! Mostly about my mom and da! Well I have been spending alot of time with my second family!! And I have come to realize how precious time really is!! I've told you about my second dad and his cancer and well its not so well!! And it makes me sad that they are having to go through this!! But with all the support of our church family and friends they have overcome so much already!! And thinking about all of this has got me thinking about all the love Kori and Richard have for each other!! I know they pick at each other (which is really funny to watch!!!) but that's how they show their love for each other!! When they look at each other, I can just see it in their eyes that they are still madly and truly and deeply in love!! Well thats what hurts the most!! Kori has been my best friend since I was 13!! She helped me drive through Gardendale when I had my permit because I was scared of traffic!! She has helped me with my relationships with boyfriends, girly stuff like make up and was right there for all the festivities of my graduation!! So we are sisters from another mister!!! We tight!! Well thats why it upsets me to think what is going on in her mind!! I think its like that song "If you're going through Hell, just keep on going" I think that could be her theme song!! Well I was looking around on youtube today and I found a song that might sum up the ordeal and Richard and Kori's relationship to a T!!! Tissue warning Kori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and dad and the boys sooooo much I couldn't tell you enough how much I love ya'll!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Iron Bowl!!!

Today is Iron Bowl Saturday!! I am at work!! Blah!! This is the 3rd iron Bowl in a row that I have had to work!! Oh well!! Im in my Alabama shirt and Im making the best of it!! I cant wait until 2:30!! We are closing a room in every pod to watch the game!! Im in triage so I have the tvs in the lobby to watch plus!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

What next?!?!?

So I get home early from work when was it..... day before yesterday to find that my lovely nephew Ethen was here and wasnt at school! So of course I was a little upset!! So he officially got kicked out of pre-school!!!! Yeah I know!! He's 3!! I dont know what to do with him now! He isnt listening at all!!! So I get home from listening to Kori's oldest tell everyone in his class what he is thankful for! BTW that was the sweetest thing I've heard in a hot minute. So yeah right when I walked in, he was mouthing off to NANA so yep I snatched him up and popped him a good one!! So as I'm typing this he is sitting in the recliner sniffling and crying. But he will get over this attitude if I have anything to say about it! Well let me go before I have a nervous breakdown!! Wish me luck!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My life!

So I went to T-Town last night at about umm lets just call it 8 o'clock at night!! I was going anyway and my friend Matt from work, called me and scked me for a ride cause he was too drunk to drive all the way to t-town to meet up with another co-worker. So me being the great friend I am went and got him and off we go to t-town! So I stayed the night and came home this afternoon after a pit stop at my little cousin Ed's birthday party! So yeah thats my weekend!!

I found a great song a little bit ago on the web and then I found out someone had put clips of my leading man to the song!!! I LOVE PAUL McGILLION!!!!!!!!!!! AND CARSON BECKETT!!!!! Enjoy my readers... Enjoy!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day!!!!!!!

So as you can tell, today is World Diabetes Day! It was established to get the word out about Diabetes!! You can check out the website here. So please go and check it out and you might lwarn a thing or two about my lifestyle I have to live with Diabetes!!! Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Im Sorry!

So this post is to one of my fervent readers personally! you know who you are!!

I just wanted to say I was sorry for the way I blew up on you!! I was just a little upset with EVERYTHING that was going on, but then I started to think about the BIGGER picture and the way things worked out was the way it was meant to be!! I know you know who had a great time at you know where, I have spoken to them personally. I am truely sorry for the way I reacted so childishly to a situation that I didnt even need to think about changing right now! I hope you get to feeling better and I hope in time you will forgive me and love me again like before! I love you and all the you know whos in our lives!! Your my Peas!!!! I heart you peas!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


So yeah had the interview this morning! And yeah I really dont know how it went! The lady I interviewed with said she loved my personality. So I guess it went well!

After the interview my cousin Kaci called me up and we went to the Galleria Mall! It was fun but I wasnt feeling to swuft so I went to the local doc in the box and yep you guessed it... I have Strep Throat!!! I feel crappy! Im off work tomorrow, and I have to take all these antibotics! I hope I get better really fast!!! Updates to come!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Excited much?!?!

So I'm walking to the kitchen this morning and the phone rings and mom answers it. She says yes she is here if you could hold on for a moment, Kim you have a phone call. I go to the kitchen and answer the phone. Its this lady named Becky. See a few weeks ago I sent in an application for a job at the Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham. Its in their surgery clinic! So back to present. She starts with a phone interview then tells me she wants to finish it Monday at 9 and I have to take a typing test monday morning too! Im excited and nervous at the same time! She asked me what was the reason I wanted to leave the ER. I didn't wanna tell her that every morning when Im driving into work, Im praying that I dont get attacked by a psych patient. But I told her that I wanted to have better hours so I can spend more time with my family. And best thing about the job is that its Mon-Fri 8-5 NO WEEKENDS!!!!! Gah thats the thing that got me!! Well I have to go clean my room so I can go spend the weekend with Kori and the Boys and my second father!!! Me and Jacob her oldest, are going to see High School Musical 3 tomorrow!! Cant wait!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So yeah Da decides to wake me up at 4:30 this morning for the start! He thought I told him thats what time I told him that time last night. Yeah that would be a negative!! So there went my beauty sleep! Once Im up thats it! Well so I get ready for work and head out! I get to work and I had to go to a class this morning about stocking our bedside carts! Blah!! So yeah I go over to pod 6 and start working on stocking when my charge nurse asked me to sit! Well I said sure why not Im not doing anything! So I get done there and I take the patient to the pysch building! I decide to stop by and see my bestie Kori!! We talked for a little while! I go back to work and I remember i only work till 3 today! So aroung 1:30 I start to get one of my dreaded migraines. So 3 could not come any faster! I get home and take my meds and take me a nap! So Im better now and Im going to get ready for bed to go to work tomorrow! Day 2 of 3! Still holding on I guess!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blah squared!!

I think the stomach/ head cold bug has hit the Hudgens' household! Da was sick this past weekend and as such I have had to stay away from him! I dont need to be sick with my bad immune system! But this morning I get up and yep you guessed it! Cough, runny nose, fever and on top of all that, Ive been well how can I put this in a nice way! umm... lets just day my breakfast is on its way to the water treatment plant. Ok people it came up from the top, not the bottom! But yeah! Im trying to get better cause tomorrow starts another run of 3 12's in a row for me!! Wish me luck!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I just signed up for this new blog comment thingy! thats how I can describe it right now! You check out the featured blog of the day and go comment on their posts and you beet to meet a few new people in the process!! I think this will be awesome!!

Cant think!!

Well it has been a really loooong hot min. since my last post! So what has been going on with everyone?!? I have been working and working and then.. yep you guessed it working! The real world sucks!!! Not anything really interesting going on in my neck of the woods! OH OH the other day at work we had a memorial service for Billy. It was perfect! Then, my bestest friend in the whole big bad ER world, announced that he was leaving!!! Well not "leaving, leaving" persei! He is transfering up to the PACU which is like pre-op. Yeah I was crushed! He said he was going to take me out on a date before he leaves which I believed for about umm... 2 seconds! But its all good in the neighborhood! I have to go and buy new scrubs cause we changed the color we have to wear! Its black. Blah! So morbid! But other than that its been going ok for me!! I went to Sloss and Atrox already!! Me and Kori are SOOOOO going to this place in palmerdale! Its the old high school! The website is here! It scared the living life out of me just looking and listening to the site!! Well let me run Im off too meet Ashley at the Galleria! Peace!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tell me what you think?!!

So I am going to try my hand at the art of what is known as fanfiction story writing!! Yeah I know sounds korny!! Well I have been thinking about what I would like to write for a good while now and tonight I finally typed it out! So I am going to post it here and maybe on my livejournal account! I really need to get a beta, hint hint if anyone is interested!! So this is the first chapter! Tell me what you think and let me know if I need to write more. I need to think about chapter 2 and what direction I want it to go! It may depend on all you say about chapter one! Well without further delay here is my FIRST attempt at a Stargate Atlantis Fanfiction!!

Almost Trouble!

She couldn't remember how she ended up at the bottom of the side of the cliff. She tried to lift her head up from the soft moss where she had landed. But what happened? She askes herself that as she weakly tries to look around to see if she can find any of her team. When she tries to speak, all that comes out is a soft croak, "Sheppard?" She is amazed by this and tried to gather all the strength she has left deep inside her to call out one more time. As she starts to speak she begins to yell as she calls for the rest of her team, " Sheppard, Ronon, McKay, Beckett. Anyone out there?" But try as she might, she gets nothing in response. Then she realizes there is no sound anywhere in the forrest. This suprises her, as she tries again to lift her head she hears a shuffling in some leaves behind her. As she is trying to look behind her, gray quickly fills the sides of her line of sight. Then nothing except the blackness of unconsciousness.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I have felt useless for the last week and a half! I really dont know why either! I think it is because I start to think about mom and how I really cant do anything for her and her diagnosis so I feel like well... I cant do anything!! Anyone see where Im going with this! I have been worrying about this so much it is starting to affect my health! My blood sugars have been really out of wack and I havent been eating like I should! Which is like really bad for me cause I love to eat!! So I have been slacking off on meals and losing weight left and right! I have lost 40 pounds in the last 2 months! I think this is where most of the losing weight has come from! So anyway! I spent last night in the ER with my stomach pain and they said I had a UTI and that was probably what was causing my pain! YAY! Another insult to injury! well it is 1:30 in the morning and I am going to TRY to get some well needed sleep! Which probably wont happen! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So as many of you know, I had my surgical consult monday! Let me tell ya it wasn't all its cracked up to be! I wait for like EVER to get to the back! Oddly they was really busy! So I get back there and they do the usual! Vitals and wieght and height! So in the last week I have lose 5 more pounds raising the total to a wopping 40lbs in 2 months! So I sit in the room for a little bit and in walks the Dr. So i could tell this was going to be fun by his reaction walking into the room! He introduces himself and takes a seat across the room from me and takes up my chart. So he proceedes to tell me what I already know! He says that I have a stone in my appendix and that it is still there but my recent ct said that everything was normal! Normal?? Then why am I still having the pain! I ask him! He said I really dont know right now! I said ok well what are we going to do about it? He tells me to get on the exam table so he can check if I still had pain when you poke and prod it! Well that was a quick and easy YES!! So he tells me he wants to do a coloscopy to take a look up there and see whats going on. I said if you think its best ok lets do it! Well he said he wants to schedule it asap so I get to the scheduling desk and the soonest is Nov 10th! I asked the girl if there was anything better than that and all she said this is the best we got for now! So I sit here for another 2 months with this pain in my side and wait! I really dont understand this system! But in the end if it helps me stop hurting its the best I can do is wait! I am going to try to get some sleep for work tomorrow!

Oh before I go let me tell you what happened to me and the fam last night!! So Im lying in the bed just listening to the fan cause I have trouble falling asleep, long story! Ok so I hear this god-awful sound coming from the attic!! So I sit and listen closer! It sounds like big boxes or crates being dragged across the floor of the attic! Well the only problem with that is we have NO floor in the attic and NO one was up there!!! Ok so I was already freaked out!! So around the same time frame my dad's work truck was broken into and they stole some money and his... BIBLE!! Yeah I know!! Well we know at least they will have a guilty feeling about it cause of the bible! Well I'll let everyone know about everything that goes on!! Peace!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Im so excited!!!

So here I sit, at Kori's typing away! So here is some news! Kori and Richard are going to renew their vows in May and I am sooo going!! Well me and Calob the youngest was talking about it and we are going to do something a little special at the reception!! So all of you might have already have seen it but here it is anyway!! I need to change the begining song! But tell me what you think!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unlock the Gate!!

So I signed up for this special Stargate promoting team and this is the first mission that I have!! I'm pretty excited! So yeah I have a link for the MGM website that if you enter it, you could have your likeness or name included in the NEW Stargate game: Stargate Worlds MMOG! I am so excited and when I post the link and you go through my website it gives me points to win a special prize!!Im all for special prizes!! So here it is and I will let everyone know about how it goes!!

There you go!! Have fun and good luck!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So yeah I haven't blogged in almost a week! I feel like I am leaving ya'll hanging!! So I have been working and working and still working!! Not really much different going on. Mom still has no job and still has Alzheimer's. So thats all the same! I'm going to leave you with a little history fact that I bet ya'll didn't know!!

John Hancock's signature on the Declaration of Independence was very large, resulting in the modern term "put your John Hancock" which means to sign something. His signature on other documents was rather large too, but he had a particular reason for writing big on the Declaration. Signing the Declaration was an act of considerable bravery, because it would be seen by the King of England as high treason. He wanted King George III, who was farsighted, to be able to see his signature clearly.

In the first phone company, the four operators had to remember the names of about 200 customers. When John Smith wanted to call Tom Hardin, for instance, the operator knew which plug to put in which hole. When two of the four operators became sick with the measles, the doctor, who was also a part owner of the phone company, suggested numbering the customers so that temporary operators who didn't know all the customers by name, could work the system. This is how phone numbers came to be.

Everyone knows that gasoline was rationed during World War II, but few know how severely. People were allowed three gallons per week. Tell me, even with a modern, fuel-efficient car, could you get by on that?

A medical curiosity was David Kennison, who was born in 1736 and participated in the Boston Tea Party. At the age of seventy-six, serving in the War of 1812, he lost a hand to a gunshot wound. Later, a tree fell on him, and fractured his skull. Some years later, while training soldiers in the use of a cannon, something went wrong and an explosion shattered his legs. He recovered. Yet later, a horse damaged his face. He died peacefully in 1851 at the age of 115.
Can you say odd?!?!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Sweet Billy!!!

I was sitting here at my computer Monday when I got a text message from my "wonder twin" Erin, that's when my world was turned upside down!! She said that one of our charge nurses "Billy passed away today." WOW!! Thats all I could say at the moment! So I went to work the next day, which was yesterday, and it was really really bad. Everyone was reacting to the news and really was upset. Honestly, it really didn't hit me until tonight at the viewing. I couldn't get off work early, so I went after and got there about 7:15ish. The line took us about an hour to get to the casket. And that's when I lost it. I saw Billy's fire gear. It said rest in peace captain Stewart. And they retired his fire number! Yeah that's when it finally hit me and I haven't been able to stop crying since. He is being given a FULL firefighter funeral, so I will be wearing my uniform out of respect and he is getting the largest precession I think I have ever witnessed. But the main thing is I think he wouldn't have wanted EVERYTHING like that but we are doing it for him because he was a great nurse, flight nurse, nascar medic, firefighter, and paramedic!

Rest In Peace my dear sweet Billy Stewart! You will be greatly missed, but we know you are not in pain anymore. You can get the rest you deserve. We love you!! William "Billy" Stewart May 4th, 1979- Sept. 8th, 2008. PS we will watch over Reese as we know you will!

William "Billy" Stewart

STEWART, WILLIAM "BILLY", age 29 of Hayden, passed away Monday, September 8, 2008 at his home surrounded by his loving family and friends after a courageous, hard fought battle with cancer. He was a member of Hilldale Baptist Church. Billy worked as a charge nurse in the ER at UAB and enjoyed his time as a flight nurse with LifeSaver. He was a longtime member of West Blount Fire Department as a firefighter and paramedic and also served as chairman of the board. He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Warren Reese Stewart, Jr. and grandmother, Ellen Sapp Grigg. Billy is survived by his loving wife, Jennifer Lynne Hayes Stewart; son, James Reese Stewart; mother, Susan Grigg Stewart; father, Warren Reese Stewart, III; sister, Rachael Stewart Lewis; brother-in-law, Ronald Andrew Lewis; nephews, Dylan Andrew Lewis and Daniel Tyler Lewis; grandfather, William Henry Grigg; grandmother, Bertha Lee Stewart; and numerous, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Funeral services will be held on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at Hilldale Baptist Church with Rev. Ron Pate and Rev. Donny Holley officiating. He will lie in state at the church on Thursday from 9-10 a.m. Burial will follow at Oakwood Memorial Gardens. The family will receive friends Wednesday evening from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at Gardendale Funeral Home. Messages of comfort and condolence may be sent to the family by visiting our website at Donations in Billy's name may be made to the West Blount Fire Department-P.O. Box 229, Hayden, AL 35079. Arrangements are by Gardendale's only locally owned and operated funeral home.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Save SGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is a Picture from Ex. Producer Joseph Mallozzi's blog! The Save Atlantis gang have rallied and we have started to "send in the lemons" to get the show back on for a 6th season!! I think its kinda funny because I have a "citrus problem" as Jacob calls it! Its not I have a problem with it, it has a problem with me!! Well anyway! SGA is Stargate Atlantis and SGU is the new show that has recieved the green light after Atlantis is over. It stands for Stargate Universe!! Its kinda a sucky concept if you read the story bechind it!! Well I need to get some rest so I can go to the doctor tomorrow about my "belbow" as Ethen calls it!! Here is come links you can check out if you wanna get involved with the Save Atlantis bregade!!!

You can check out SOSGA here or you can so to Save the lost city here. Also here is Joseph Mallozzi's blog! He has very interesting stuff related to the show and a lot of stuff not related!! But here it is!! Also there is a petition going around to get the show back! I have the petition widget on the right there! Please if you can please sign it!! Thanks for listing to my rambeling!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I don't know what to say!!

So first off I had the craziest day at work!! Well everyone decided to be a little lazy and I decided to work ( for a change!!) So yeah as I stated it was crazy!! Well onto my jaw dropping news! So mom went to the doctor today because she has been forgetting a lot more stuff here lately! Well the doctor said that she has... Alzheimer's!! I dont know what to do!! All I can think about is when those type of patients come into the er and I have to take care of them and they are so helpless and I dont want mom to become like that! I guess I need to just pray about it and leave it in God's hands!! That's what I'll do!! I have to work tomorrow so I'm going to TRY to get some sleep seeing as I only got 35 mins. of sleep last night!! Dont know why!! NeHoo!! "Good night and good luck"

Monday, September 1, 2008

Confused?? Not so much!?!?

Alright!! I have an update!! After like 3 panic attacks I finally got up the nerve to call Patrick and tell him what I have been thinking/feeling!! Well I was standing on Kori's porch so I could get service on my phone!! (Thank you AT&T!!) Ok so Kori was my motivation!! Well I called him and the call went to voice mail! So Kori walked inside and by the time I reached the door, he called me back!! I was SCREAMING!!! So Kori came back outside and I answered the phone! We talked for like 5 mins. and we came to the agreement that dating would totallly ruin our friendship!! So alls good for right now!! Thats all I got to say! Im going to bed to get prepared for work tomorrow!! Wish me luck!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Confused much???

Ok so yeah I really don't know what to say about what I want to blog about!! Hmm... Ok so here it is!!

Well I have a really great friend named Patrick! He has been my friend ever since he started the fire department like 5 years ago!! I can tell him ANYTHING! Well he is going through a divorce and well he wants to start dating again! So he is trying to get me to set him up with any of my co-workers! Well I dont have any that isn't already married or going to get married in the near future!! Ok so yeah we hung out last night with my friend Ashley and we went to see a movie! BTW the Dark Night is an awesome movie!! Anyways!! Well we got to talking last night and he said once his divorce was final that he was going to ask my dad if we could date! And he asked me if that was ok! I didn't know what to say!! I just told him we will talk about it when the time comes!! Ok so I got to thinking about it last night and ALL day today!! I really don't want to date him!! I dont want to lose our GREAT friendship!!! And he has a 7 year old! I don't know what to do!! I have been praying for the peace and assurance that I will know what do do and I think I do!! In my heart I want to tell my dad and tell him to tell Pat no! But I dont want to lose a great friend!! I dont know what to do!! Gah!! Im going to pray about it! Ok I love Pat as a friend ONLY!!! I have just come to realize it when I was reading what I just wrote! I dont NEED to date him!! I mean the age diff. is one thing! OMG!!! I'll let ya'll know how it goes!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


So yeah that's all I can say about this whole weekend!!! Like ok what just happened?!? WTF!!!!

So I worked Tues, Wed, and Thurs. of last week! That meant a 4 day weekend!! Cause I was off Friday through Monday, which is today!! So I was all pumped!! Well Fri. Ashley calls me and she has to go home to Miss. for a funeral. So I was all like ok that's fine. But to myself I was saying ok there goes my night!! Well I stop by at the fire station to talk to Pat and Kori wanted to go to walmart, so of course you can never give up a trip to the big bad wally world!! Well we went and got back around 10 that night. I went back to the station to talk to Pat then we got a call for an assult! Let me just tell you that was the most funny call I have run in a while!!! Ok so I get home and go to bed around 1 in the morning!! So I get up Sat around 10 and head out to Pat's cause it was his birthday and I cooked the boys and him spagetti! That was great cause I bought him a Little Mermaid cake!! It was histerical!!! NEWAYS!! I just realized that my spell check is on the fritz!! So if anything is mis-spelled don't blame me!! Well I had to run a call Sat all by my lonesome and drive our big bad pumper/engine!! That was fun in the pouring rain!! Well Sat evening, Kori called me and she wanted to go to walmart so I was like ok!! FYI Fri. night we didn't go to walmart! We went to Target!! My bad! So Im stanting outside waiting on her to pull up and its still raining! Well I call down to her house and Richard says that there is a crazy lady on their porch! So being the nosey person I am I went on down there and we sent her to the hospital with Pat the guy on duty so I had to stay at the statiion for an additional 3 hours and then he showed up and me and Kori went to walmart at like 11 at night!! So Sun came around and nothing really important there! We had a call to the village and one of our firemen got cussed out by the patient!! That was fun!! But today you know what I did... Nothing!! I got up when my da called me about a tornado going over his shop in Bessemer, so I was up! And then I had to go and get Calob from school at 3 so thats all I did ALL day! I don't know whats wrong with me!! Well I do but nothing can be done about that until Sept. 22 when I go to the GI surgon! But thats all I have for right now! I need to get my thoughts straight and I'll be back in a lil while!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So nothing really exciting in my world today!! So I thought I would dedicate this entry to my favorite subject... History!! Here's some facts you might not have known!!!

3000 years ago, most Egyptians were considered old and died by the age of 30
Ancient Egyptians used slabs of stones as pillows
In the 1800s, if you attempted suicide and failed, you would have to face the death penalty.

Thats all I got for right now!! I'll find more!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is Tragic!!!

Well not for anyone I know!! But for me it is!! STARGATE ATLANTIS is canceled!! This season which is season 5 will be its last! I dont know what to do now!! They said they will come out with movies to continue unclosed chapters in the series. But no more stargate!! I am a wreck!! GAH!! I can always watch my fav. episodes on DVD though!! Thats always a plus! But no new ones!! I cant write anymore! I am going to bed to get ready for work!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Second Father!!

First of all I would like to give a shout out to Kori!! Cause I stole this lovely pic of her husband off of her blog(see bloglist on stage right!)

This is a pic of my second father!! He really isn't my father but over my many years of knowing him he has become that and much much more! I met Kori and Richard through a mutual friend at our church!(no name mentioned due to the fact of...) Ok so where to begin! I was 13 and I was at "said" friends house for a swimming party for the "said" friends son was having a birthday party! Well worse came to worse and me and Kori started joking around and well there you go!! All those many years later she is my sister from another mister!! HAHA!! Ok not really but she is the closest thing I have EVER had to a REAL sister!!( Im getting teariy eyed here just thinking about this!) Well then comes the introducing to the man that is my "dad"! To tell you the truth I thought he was so much like my dad it was kinda scary!! And then comes the "monsters" I mean lovely children!! Jacob who is 11 now and started Middle school this past wed. and Calob who is 9! And as with the whole family I accepted them as the little brothers I have always wanted!! All of their close friends think that I am their aunt! And the boys just play it off as im their step-sister/adopted! Funny fact... I'm ok with that!! Thats the story of how I have a whole new family like a stones throw from my house! Literlly!!

Well heres to the most... Honestly I haven't come to the conclusion of a emotion to call this feeling! It is like a burden in my heart for not only Richard but for Kori and MY boys!! But here goes!!

Last June I think it was, I get a phone call from Kori and I was at work in the ER. She says " do you have a min. I really need to tell you something and I think you need to sit down!" So I walk out to the ambulance bay and she tells me the most... shocking to say the least, news I have ever heard. She said" you know how Richard was having those stomach pains", I said yeah! "Well they did (I think it was the barium swallow) and he has colon cancer!" I couldn't say ANYTHING!! I just sat there letting everything run its corse in this thick skull of mine. She said he was set up for surgery tomorrow and they are confident that if it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes that they can get it ALL. I said ok I will check in on you when I can, cause I had to work! Alright so the surgery went ok they think they got it all but it was in the lymph nodes so they had to do chemo. It messed with his Cystic Fibrosis so he had to stop.

He went back to the dr. at the beginning of this year and they said he had a "few" tumors "floating" as I think Kori put it, in his stomach and so he did another round of chemo. It just sustainded the tumors. They didn't get bigger or smaller. So they tried a new drug on the tumors they took out last year and it seemed to fight the cancer so they started this new treatment Monday! He went for another cat scan tuesday and it showed that the tumors had grown and there was a "few" more as Kori put it!

Richard, through all of this, I have NEVER seen him be down about it! I have heard from MANY of our church members that they went to see him to bring his spirits up and they leave after having their spirits brought up by him! That is why I love you so so so much Richard!! You are a fighter til the ends of the earth and back! I look at the way you seem to have a different repora with the boys now! I cant even imagine what is going through their minds as they see their "HERO" fight this fight for them and Kori!!! Well and for all the lives he touches through his testament to GOD!!

Right now as Im typing this my heart aches for my Family!! I have ( I hate to say this) broken down a few times since I heard this news today! But all I know right now is everything happens in God's time and He has a reason for EVERYTHING!!! Thats all I can convey to each and everyone of my readers! I hope this gets through one thing!! Cherish EVERYONE that has EVER touched your life! I cherish every moment I have with "dad" now!! I love you SO much Richard!! I don't know what I would have done without you in my life! And I will continue to prosper because of you and your wisdom you continue to give me everyday!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation over!!

Well as you can tell I have returned alive and well from my vacation with... you guessed it a new tattoo!! I absolutely love it!!! I got it yesterday afternoon after a weekend of waiting! I had debit card issuse all weekend so I couldn't go and get it! Ok so to start off with the vacation we got lost!!!! We went all the way to Mobile before I could get a hold of ANYONE on the phone to tell me where to go!! So what should have been a 5 hour drive turned into about a 9 hour one!! Well we got there finally and we got a hotel room at the PEEKS hotel! It was ok nothing to write home about!! Well first thing Sat morning we met up with my brother and sister and we hung out at the beach for the morning. Me and Ashley got tired and I got REALLY sunburnt and so we journeyed to walmart and bought food stuff. We came home and went to get Ashley's nose peirced! She said it didn't hurt but I don't know!! Well so we just chilled Sunday and then Monday afternoon was the best time ever!! Well we got up at around 8 this morning to a hurricane outside!! Well it wasn't really a hurricane but it might as well had been!! So that delayed our departure about 3 hours. And we got homa around 7 so wasnt all that bad!

Ok back story to the tattoo!! As you can tell its a Scottish flag!! And the 3 letters in the middle of it is SGA! Well I don't know if anyone that reads this knows but my most beloved character is Dr. Carson Beckett. He is/was the Cheif Medical Officer on Stargate Atlantis. He is from Scotland! And the Actor that portrays him in real life is Scottish. His name is Paul McGillion!! And Tragiclly he was killed off in Season 3. Well that is for his memory and the SGA is for the show itself!! So that's the back story!! Updates to come!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ok so I haven't the slightest thing packed for my trip to Panama City Beach and I am leaving Friday afternoon after work!!! I got off of work early and what am I doing?!? I'm sitting here blogging!! Which I know all of my loyal readers don't mind a bit!! But I need to get my act together! I don't know what to take!! I know I have to take my swim suit and towel and clothes and my diabetes stuff! Thats a must!! If I dont take that I wont be coming back!!! Well I know I need to go and some eztra things like razors and more toothpaste and mors shampoo but I don't have any time! I have to wash clothes tonight and I'm off tomorrow so I will spend all day packing cause one of the guys we went out with Sat on my birthday, well he asked if I would like to have dinner with him tomorrow night, so of course I couldn't turn him down!! So thats where I will be tomorrow night and then I work Friday morning until 1 then I get off and we are off for a lovely weekend at the beach!! I can't wait!! I need a vacation!! Well wish me luck and all the motivation in the world to get everything done in a timely manner!! Updates to come!! BTW I have a surgical consult in September so pray for me on that note!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Alot has happened!!

Well it has been a hot minute since I have posted, and just let me tell you it has been a crazy weekend!!

To start off Sat was my birthday and me and Ashley went to Alabama Adventure at around 4 o'clock! Well we got there and paid for our tickets and got a locker and went to the lazy river thingy. We got out of the lazy river and went to wait for like 30 min. for a ride in the water park. We got to the top and went down and loved it!! We went to the lazy river again and then we went to the wave pool! Thats when it gets great!! It started lighting and raining so everyone started running around and screaming!!! So we left there and headed back home to get ready to go out with a couple of coworkers for my birthday! Well we went to TC's bar and I just sat there!! The bought Ashley drinks but I looked to young so you know how that goes!!

Well while we was at TC's, the fire department I work at had a really bad car accident that we had to run. Here is the story. God bless the workers and all the family and friends that had to see the horrific sight at the scene of the accident.

With all that said I have to work tomorrow and I'm going to bed!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Best present ever???

Alright!! So my beloved birthday is tomorrow!! And with the help of Kori, I have decided to go with Ashley and Kaci to Alabama Adventure!! It will be fun!! Only one bad thing which is the title of this post!! The best present ever that anyone could give!! The reason I say it like that is because Da has been sick this whole week with the sniffles and now... thats his present to me! I woke up this morning with a cough, fever and the... yep you guessed it... the sniffles! Gah I feel horriable! I have birthday dinner with my aunt that came home from out of town for my birtyday! Thats tonight at 6! I am going to take some medicine and take a nap to see if I feel better!! I pray that I do!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As you can tell I have been on jury duty this week!!! Let me just tell you it is the boring-est thing I have ever witnessed!!! Witnessed!! Like how I added that in this post!! Considering!! Ok just realized I use too many exclamation points. Anyway! I got called for a case yesterday, but I got dismissed because I know to many firefighters! So I had to go back this morning and I got called about 10:45ish and the panel wasn't going to start until 9 tomorrow morning so they let us go home!! I know how great is that!!

On the Birthday front... as you can see by the previous post the countdown is almost over and I will be 20!! I'm so excited!! I WAS going to go to sing karaoke with Kori but she doesn't wanna go now!! Blah!! So I guess I will sit at home and be all depressed and not do anything!! ( the only reason I say that is I know Kori will read this!) But that's basically it! Updates to come!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


MySpace Countdown Clocks

As you can already tell I am still excited about my birthday!!! I still don't know what to do. I don't have a lot of time to blog tonight cause I have to work tomorrow!! One update though!! I got my hair highlighted today!! It is BLONDE!!!! I mean WOW!!! well let me go to bed!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 BIG updates!!!

Ok so as you can tell alot has gone on in the past 2 days!! Well first of all I will not be moving out of my parents house! I decided against it because I want to go back to school and I wouldn't be able to do that if I moved out!! Future career opptunities come first in my book!!

Secondly I am going to............. as you guessed it!! I'm going to the beach!!!! I am so excited!!! Me and my coworker Ashley have planned to leave Friday the 8th after I get off work at 1 in the afternoon for the white sandy beaches of Panama City Florida!! And my brother and his family is leaving the 6th to go to PCB also so we are going to catch up with them and go to Pinapple Willys so that is going to be great!! I am so excited!!

And for the third best update ever.............. My Birthday is on Aug the 2nd!!!!! Its like 10 days away now!!! I can't think of anything to do! I was going to be out of town but those plans fell threw so... here I am little less than 2 weeks to decide what to do and I come up with anything!! Any suggestions?? I kinda wanted to go to somewhere like SUMO which is a Japanese resturant. Or maybe Karaoke!!! That would be fun!! Ashley wants to go to a club!!! I kinda want to do that too!!! Oh and BTW I will only be 20 its not like the important 21 or anything like that!! My 21st will be on a Sunday so of course to keep from raising suspisions, I will leave for the beach on Aug. 3rd next year!! I think its sad I can think of everything to do for my 21st but not this one!!

Well I was in triage today!! And let me tell you it was crazier than a handbasket underwater with toilet paper in it!! Excuse that previous statement!! I am really tired and I am going to bed now!!

And again if anyone has any suggestions about what to do about my big 20 and exiting the teen years let me know!! And the offer still stands about the any question in the world, you can ask me!!! Thanks for listening!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok gang! Here is the reason I haven't blogged in a hot min. Friday afternoon I went to the ever friendly ER where I work might I add because of my abdominal pain! Well of course, since I am female and all, they wanted to do the whole gyn. work up! I told them numerous times that it wasnt that! Well finally they believed me and sent for a General Surgery consult! That was fun in itself!! So that insues and not long after that I get admitted for pain control. I finally get to my room at like 2 in the morning and finally get some much needed rest by at least 5. Well the docs come in and poke and prod on my belly and after about 3 hours of deliberation decide to discharge me for my follow up appointment with OBGYN on Wed. morning!! I know my pain isn't ANY better but until they get the report from the doc thats the best they can do! Miracles in modern medicine my butt!! I have had this pain for what 3 weeks now and all they can tell me is "well I don't know" thats all I have been getting from every single doc I have talked to since this started!! They think it's this and then no that was ruled out so we think its this, well it cant be that we have this test that says it's not! I wish they can make their minds up and make it stop hurting!!! Thats all I'm asking right now!! Just for it to stop hurting!!!

Well thanks for listening!! I will let everyone know whats going on!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So let me be the first to say WOW!!! It has been a long few days!!! It has been a good hot min since I have posted and I feel like I have let everyone down on that area of this blog!! Well I know some people come and read it cause I have a counter on my blog and it has steadly been rising!! But I feel a little... honestly I really dont know how I feel! I just want to get to know my readers! If anyone would like to ask me any question in the world that they would like to know I will answer to the best of my ability!!

Onto more pressing matters!! I am house sitting for my greatest friend in the world!!! I'm serious we are like sisters from another mister!!! But anyways... I am watching her house and her 10 dogs, her bug-eyed goldfish and a snail!! OMG I thought I killed the snail!!! He sucked himself into his shell and wouldn't move! I was scared!! Well Im in Triage so I need to run now!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Season 4 out today!!!!

OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! As you can tell I'm very excited to let everyone know that Stargate Atlantis Season 4 was released today!!! I went at 8:00 this morning to get my copy!! It is awesome!! That's all I've been watching all day!! So what if I'm a nerd!! At least I admit it!! Well thats basically my day watching stargate atlantis. And I have to work tomorrow so I am going to bed! I thought I would let everyone know about stargate atlantis season 4!! Updates to come!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fire Drill and other...

So as you can see we had Fire Drill tonight!! And the theme was... Yep you guessed it!! Search and Rescue!! It was hilarious!! There was a couple of newbies so we had to show them how its done!! Let's just say that on the first go around the victim is practically a crispy critter!! But once they got the hang of it they did ok!!

So the second pic is of smoke!! That's cause I have received a new name!!! I'm so excited!! Are you ready? It is.............DJ Smokeoligist Kim!!!!!!! How great is that?!? I had to run the smoke machine thats why I am the proud owner of said name!! So that's the only name I answer to know!!

Well I had an uneventful day!! Which was wonderful!!! Went to Hobby Lobby with Kori to get yarn so she can finish my blanket!! Its lime green of course!! Then went to drill and on the way back we had a medical call to the village so it was routine!!

I'm going to bed now!! Updates to come!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The weekend after?!?

So I haven't had the chance to blog in 2 days! I feel like I have left all of you hanging with my updates!!!

Ok so Friday the 4th! I got up and went to Kori's house for some GOOD eating!! Hamburgers potato salad, and of course you can't forget Kori's homemade mac and cheese!!! Its so good you could slap your granny! And then we had the greatest treat ever!! WATERMELON!! (that I choked on thanks to Calob!) Then we went to Kori's parking deck and watched Thunder on the Mountain!! Then we came home and I went to bed cause I had to work yesterday!

Speaking of work! We had an overflow of psych patients and I had to sit with the patients all day! So pretty uneventful! After work me and a good friend went to see Wall-E!! It was great!! Then we went to walmart and walked around and made complete fools of ourselves!!

Today I am in Trauma! YAY! I love being in Trauma!! Well I'll let you know how it goes today!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th Everyone!!

"John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe died on July 4th. Adams and Jefferson died in the same year. Supposedly, Adams last words were “Thomas Jefferson survives.”

Thought I would bring everyone a little 4th of July Facts for you!!! I really didn't know that little tidbit!

Ok so my day was eventful! I get woken up to the sound of little feet running through the house! Yep you guessed it! Ethen came by for a visit!! He was "sick" so he needed to stay home from school! So needless to say I was up for the day!! Da was off work today so he got up early and started weedeating! Well I procedded to get ready and get Beckett ready for a adventure to the dump! That was interesting!! We went and got lunch and returned home to drop off Beckett and go and get a grill that the church needs to cook the meat for our sale for missions...etc. We went to the great and big wally world and looked around for a bit then came home. Da continued to cut grass while I took Beckett to the "doctor" to get her stiches out! That was loads of fun let me just tell you!! She is still mad at me!! Well here I am looking for stupid facts on the internet and getting ready to go to bed! Beckett is looking forward to that! Updates to come!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

diverticulitis or coloitis???

So I returned to the doctor today and thats what I found out! Im still hurting and still throwing up but they said it will get better! I just hope its sooner that later!! well its like 11 o'clock at night and me and Beckett are going to bed! I just wanted to let ya'll know whats going on!! Updates to come!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

True Happiness??

Ok so I am SOOOOO excited about the news I have!!! I went and met with the girl that I will be moving with!!! She is AWESOME!!! I am stoked! I really don't know what to say!! I will be moving out of my house here the weekend after my 20th Birthday! which is August 2nd for anyone that doesn't know! So on Aug. 9th I will be blogging from my new abode!! I am SOOOOO happy! Of course I will have to work extra overtime to accomidate said moving so that's fine with me!!

I really don't know what to take, what to leave here or anything like that! I get my OWN bathroom, so I have to buy stuff for that and I have to get my own food, so I guess that will be a little tough but I'll manage! I know I can't take everything! I need boxes I found that out! Well I'll let you know about all the details when I know them!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok so as you can tell I have the opportunity to move out of my present living situation!! One of my good friends from church is getting married in August and her sister needs a roommate! So of course I said I would love to!!! I am so excited!!! I am going to meet her tomorrow and see the apartment!! And of course I can take Beckett for a SMALL fee!! But I can't go without my baby!! And its in Gardendale, so not so far from home!! Its a 2 bedrooom and 2 bath!! I know!! This rocks!!

Ok onto the rest of my day!! I went to church for the first time in a lil while! Got up early to take care of Beckett and got a shower and got ready! It was "wear red, white, OR blue" day today and of course I had to have the cutest top ever!! It was blue with small white poke-a-dots!! Well got to sunday school and enjoyed that!! Went to preaching and REALLY enjoyed that! And when we got done with church, my brother, sister-in-law, Ethen and of course the rest of the fam came here and ate a great lunch that mum cooked yesterday! We TRIED to get Ethen to take a nap but that did not happen!! So we went back to church early for a singing and I sang in the choir and after that... we had an ice cream party!!! It was yummy!!! I had grapico ice cream!! Well we are home now, I gave Beckett her bath so we are going to cuddle up with a good book and my iPod and go to bed!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Statues and Whatnot!!

Interesting fact I just found out about.....

"If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes."

Horse Statue

So I really didnt know that!! Isn't it neat how if you put your mind to it you can actually find out about anything!! I was just looking at a website that has a lot of facts on it and found this one and thought it was worth investigating! I think I will bring a few facts to the table every now and again!!

Well, today started as normal! Beckett my new puppy woke me up at like 5 am to go outside and "pee pee." But all the other times she NEEDS to go she doesn't let me know and we end up running outside to try to tinkle before it gets bad!! We are starting to work out a system though! Other that that it has been a great day so far!! My blood sugar has been a little higher than usual but I think its from me being in pain and whatnot! My crazy brother spent almost the whole day here! His wife Carmelita had to work and she took Ethen my nephew with her and her and a co-worker decided to use Ethen as an excuse to go and see the new Wall-E movie, thus said Chris stayed here because he was bored at his house! My cousin Kaci called me and wanted me to come and look at her new car! She well be 16 in less that a month, and she has a Camaro!! Nice!! Anyway, so I came home and now I'm just chillin with Beckett and Da. We might watch a lil bit of Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis!! Who knows!! Thanks for listining!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Dog's and Illness??

So my loving sister-in-law informed me this afternoon that if you sleep with your dog, you will develop more illnesses than when you don't sleep with them on a regular basis! Of course I needed her to elaborate on that fact she had just supplied me. She said some doctor told her that if a person slept with their dog in the bed with them, that the ecolii in their bodies would build up an resistance since the canine has many different diseases anyway. Of course I responded with my usual "scoff" and asked her if she was serious and if she really believed all that bull! Well obviously she did. So here I am talking about sleeping with dogs and getting sick from it!

All that being said, it made me think of my current predicament, so it was like last Thursday when I started feeling like this dull pain in the middle of my upper stomach. Well I let it be and thought nothing of it, well by Sunday it had moved to my right lower quadrant and it wasn't as dull as before! Lets just say it was more pronounced! So I held back from telling anyone cause being a diabetic, you have a lot of medical problems, and so someone would say its just a complication from my diabetes. Well by Wednesday morning I had had enough! I made an appointment to see my primary dr. and went to that appointment. Well she said she thought it was an appendicitis, and run the normal lab work for a workup for that. She sent me home and said she would call with the results and we would go from there! Basically she gave me the "go with God" diagnosis and sent me on my way. I couldn't take the pain anymore so I went back to work and signed in as a patient.

So I signed in as a patient... and I got triaged and I waited. And I waited a little while longer. And then I waited some more!! I finally got to the back and they did a Cat scan and it reveled................ I have a stone in my appendix and thats what is causing my pain! I have to go back to my primary doctor wednesday and I have to see a general surgeon after that. Yep I might have to have surgery!! Blah!!!! I'm still hurting and still sick to my stomach and im still running a little bit of a fever so I have to watch it and make sure it doesnt get any higher! Well thats my story and I'm sticking to it!! Updates to come!