Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ok so I haven't the slightest thing packed for my trip to Panama City Beach and I am leaving Friday afternoon after work!!! I got off of work early and what am I doing?!? I'm sitting here blogging!! Which I know all of my loyal readers don't mind a bit!! But I need to get my act together! I don't know what to take!! I know I have to take my swim suit and towel and clothes and my diabetes stuff! Thats a must!! If I dont take that I wont be coming back!!! Well I know I need to go and some eztra things like razors and more toothpaste and mors shampoo but I don't have any time! I have to wash clothes tonight and I'm off tomorrow so I will spend all day packing cause one of the guys we went out with Sat on my birthday, well he asked if I would like to have dinner with him tomorrow night, so of course I couldn't turn him down!! So thats where I will be tomorrow night and then I work Friday morning until 1 then I get off and we are off for a lovely weekend at the beach!! I can't wait!! I need a vacation!! Well wish me luck and all the motivation in the world to get everything done in a timely manner!! Updates to come!! BTW I have a surgical consult in September so pray for me on that note!