Monday, August 25, 2008


So yeah that's all I can say about this whole weekend!!! Like ok what just happened?!? WTF!!!!

So I worked Tues, Wed, and Thurs. of last week! That meant a 4 day weekend!! Cause I was off Friday through Monday, which is today!! So I was all pumped!! Well Fri. Ashley calls me and she has to go home to Miss. for a funeral. So I was all like ok that's fine. But to myself I was saying ok there goes my night!! Well I stop by at the fire station to talk to Pat and Kori wanted to go to walmart, so of course you can never give up a trip to the big bad wally world!! Well we went and got back around 10 that night. I went back to the station to talk to Pat then we got a call for an assult! Let me just tell you that was the most funny call I have run in a while!!! Ok so I get home and go to bed around 1 in the morning!! So I get up Sat around 10 and head out to Pat's cause it was his birthday and I cooked the boys and him spagetti! That was great cause I bought him a Little Mermaid cake!! It was histerical!!! NEWAYS!! I just realized that my spell check is on the fritz!! So if anything is mis-spelled don't blame me!! Well I had to run a call Sat all by my lonesome and drive our big bad pumper/engine!! That was fun in the pouring rain!! Well Sat evening, Kori called me and she wanted to go to walmart so I was like ok!! FYI Fri. night we didn't go to walmart! We went to Target!! My bad! So Im stanting outside waiting on her to pull up and its still raining! Well I call down to her house and Richard says that there is a crazy lady on their porch! So being the nosey person I am I went on down there and we sent her to the hospital with Pat the guy on duty so I had to stay at the statiion for an additional 3 hours and then he showed up and me and Kori went to walmart at like 11 at night!! So Sun came around and nothing really important there! We had a call to the village and one of our firemen got cussed out by the patient!! That was fun!! But today you know what I did... Nothing!! I got up when my da called me about a tornado going over his shop in Bessemer, so I was up! And then I had to go and get Calob from school at 3 so thats all I did ALL day! I don't know whats wrong with me!! Well I do but nothing can be done about that until Sept. 22 when I go to the GI surgon! But thats all I have for right now! I need to get my thoughts straight and I'll be back in a lil while!!


Kori said...

So now you're saying that you were bummed about Ashley being gone?

What happened to you were glad cause you needed a break?

Also speaking of your spellcheck do you know that your little myspace pictue says...

Altantis? Is that what it's supposed to say?