Sunday, August 31, 2008

Confused much???

Ok so yeah I really don't know what to say about what I want to blog about!! Hmm... Ok so here it is!!

Well I have a really great friend named Patrick! He has been my friend ever since he started the fire department like 5 years ago!! I can tell him ANYTHING! Well he is going through a divorce and well he wants to start dating again! So he is trying to get me to set him up with any of my co-workers! Well I dont have any that isn't already married or going to get married in the near future!! Ok so yeah we hung out last night with my friend Ashley and we went to see a movie! BTW the Dark Night is an awesome movie!! Anyways!! Well we got to talking last night and he said once his divorce was final that he was going to ask my dad if we could date! And he asked me if that was ok! I didn't know what to say!! I just told him we will talk about it when the time comes!! Ok so I got to thinking about it last night and ALL day today!! I really don't want to date him!! I dont want to lose our GREAT friendship!!! And he has a 7 year old! I don't know what to do!! I have been praying for the peace and assurance that I will know what do do and I think I do!! In my heart I want to tell my dad and tell him to tell Pat no! But I dont want to lose a great friend!! I dont know what to do!! Gah!! Im going to pray about it! Ok I love Pat as a friend ONLY!!! I have just come to realize it when I was reading what I just wrote! I dont NEED to date him!! I mean the age diff. is one thing! OMG!!! I'll let ya'll know how it goes!!