Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 BIG updates!!!

Ok so as you can tell alot has gone on in the past 2 days!! Well first of all I will not be moving out of my parents house! I decided against it because I want to go back to school and I wouldn't be able to do that if I moved out!! Future career opptunities come first in my book!!

Secondly I am going to............. as you guessed it!! I'm going to the beach!!!! I am so excited!!! Me and my coworker Ashley have planned to leave Friday the 8th after I get off work at 1 in the afternoon for the white sandy beaches of Panama City Florida!! And my brother and his family is leaving the 6th to go to PCB also so we are going to catch up with them and go to Pinapple Willys so that is going to be great!! I am so excited!!

And for the third best update ever.............. My Birthday is on Aug the 2nd!!!!! Its like 10 days away now!!! I can't think of anything to do! I was going to be out of town but those plans fell threw so... here I am little less than 2 weeks to decide what to do and I come up with anything!! Any suggestions?? I kinda wanted to go to somewhere like SUMO which is a Japanese resturant. Or maybe Karaoke!!! That would be fun!! Ashley wants to go to a club!!! I kinda want to do that too!!! Oh and BTW I will only be 20 its not like the important 21 or anything like that!! My 21st will be on a Sunday so of course to keep from raising suspisions, I will leave for the beach on Aug. 3rd next year!! I think its sad I can think of everything to do for my 21st but not this one!!

Well I was in triage today!! And let me tell you it was crazier than a handbasket underwater with toilet paper in it!! Excuse that previous statement!! I am really tired and I am going to bed now!!

And again if anyone has any suggestions about what to do about my big 20 and exiting the teen years let me know!! And the offer still stands about the any question in the world, you can ask me!!! Thanks for listening!!!