Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok gang! Here is the reason I haven't blogged in a hot min. Friday afternoon I went to the ever friendly ER where I work might I add because of my abdominal pain! Well of course, since I am female and all, they wanted to do the whole gyn. work up! I told them numerous times that it wasnt that! Well finally they believed me and sent for a General Surgery consult! That was fun in itself!! So that insues and not long after that I get admitted for pain control. I finally get to my room at like 2 in the morning and finally get some much needed rest by at least 5. Well the docs come in and poke and prod on my belly and after about 3 hours of deliberation decide to discharge me for my follow up appointment with OBGYN on Wed. morning!! I know my pain isn't ANY better but until they get the report from the doc thats the best they can do! Miracles in modern medicine my butt!! I have had this pain for what 3 weeks now and all they can tell me is "well I don't know" thats all I have been getting from every single doc I have talked to since this started!! They think it's this and then no that was ruled out so we think its this, well it cant be that we have this test that says it's not! I wish they can make their minds up and make it stop hurting!!! Thats all I'm asking right now!! Just for it to stop hurting!!!

Well thanks for listening!! I will let everyone know whats going on!!


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