Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation over!!

Well as you can tell I have returned alive and well from my vacation with... you guessed it a new tattoo!! I absolutely love it!!! I got it yesterday afternoon after a weekend of waiting! I had debit card issuse all weekend so I couldn't go and get it! Ok so to start off with the vacation we got lost!!!! We went all the way to Mobile before I could get a hold of ANYONE on the phone to tell me where to go!! So what should have been a 5 hour drive turned into about a 9 hour one!! Well we got there finally and we got a hotel room at the PEEKS hotel! It was ok nothing to write home about!! Well first thing Sat morning we met up with my brother and sister and we hung out at the beach for the morning. Me and Ashley got tired and I got REALLY sunburnt and so we journeyed to walmart and bought food stuff. We came home and went to get Ashley's nose peirced! She said it didn't hurt but I don't know!! Well so we just chilled Sunday and then Monday afternoon was the best time ever!! Well we got up at around 8 this morning to a hurricane outside!! Well it wasn't really a hurricane but it might as well had been!! So that delayed our departure about 3 hours. And we got homa around 7 so wasnt all that bad!

Ok back story to the tattoo!! As you can tell its a Scottish flag!! And the 3 letters in the middle of it is SGA! Well I don't know if anyone that reads this knows but my most beloved character is Dr. Carson Beckett. He is/was the Cheif Medical Officer on Stargate Atlantis. He is from Scotland! And the Actor that portrays him in real life is Scottish. His name is Paul McGillion!! And Tragiclly he was killed off in Season 3. Well that is for his memory and the SGA is for the show itself!! So that's the back story!! Updates to come!!


Kori said...

Once a nerd always a nerd.

Still love ya though. And oh yes my Salt and Pepper Shakers rock.