Sunday, July 6, 2008

The weekend after?!?

So I haven't had the chance to blog in 2 days! I feel like I have left all of you hanging with my updates!!!

Ok so Friday the 4th! I got up and went to Kori's house for some GOOD eating!! Hamburgers potato salad, and of course you can't forget Kori's homemade mac and cheese!!! Its so good you could slap your granny! And then we had the greatest treat ever!! WATERMELON!! (that I choked on thanks to Calob!) Then we went to Kori's parking deck and watched Thunder on the Mountain!! Then we came home and I went to bed cause I had to work yesterday!

Speaking of work! We had an overflow of psych patients and I had to sit with the patients all day! So pretty uneventful! After work me and a good friend went to see Wall-E!! It was great!! Then we went to walmart and walked around and made complete fools of ourselves!!

Today I am in Trauma! YAY! I love being in Trauma!! Well I'll let you know how it goes today!!


Kori said...

WOW! I actually got mentioned. Holy Mess. Lunch this week? Maybe?