Friday, June 27, 2008

Dog's and Illness??

So my loving sister-in-law informed me this afternoon that if you sleep with your dog, you will develop more illnesses than when you don't sleep with them on a regular basis! Of course I needed her to elaborate on that fact she had just supplied me. She said some doctor told her that if a person slept with their dog in the bed with them, that the ecolii in their bodies would build up an resistance since the canine has many different diseases anyway. Of course I responded with my usual "scoff" and asked her if she was serious and if she really believed all that bull! Well obviously she did. So here I am talking about sleeping with dogs and getting sick from it!

All that being said, it made me think of my current predicament, so it was like last Thursday when I started feeling like this dull pain in the middle of my upper stomach. Well I let it be and thought nothing of it, well by Sunday it had moved to my right lower quadrant and it wasn't as dull as before! Lets just say it was more pronounced! So I held back from telling anyone cause being a diabetic, you have a lot of medical problems, and so someone would say its just a complication from my diabetes. Well by Wednesday morning I had had enough! I made an appointment to see my primary dr. and went to that appointment. Well she said she thought it was an appendicitis, and run the normal lab work for a workup for that. She sent me home and said she would call with the results and we would go from there! Basically she gave me the "go with God" diagnosis and sent me on my way. I couldn't take the pain anymore so I went back to work and signed in as a patient.

So I signed in as a patient... and I got triaged and I waited. And I waited a little while longer. And then I waited some more!! I finally got to the back and they did a Cat scan and it reveled................ I have a stone in my appendix and thats what is causing my pain! I have to go back to my primary doctor wednesday and I have to see a general surgeon after that. Yep I might have to have surgery!! Blah!!!! I'm still hurting and still sick to my stomach and im still running a little bit of a fever so I have to watch it and make sure it doesnt get any higher! Well thats my story and I'm sticking to it!! Updates to come!