Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So yeah Da decides to wake me up at 4:30 this morning for the start! He thought I told him thats what time I told him that time last night. Yeah that would be a negative!! So there went my beauty sleep! Once Im up thats it! Well so I get ready for work and head out! I get to work and I had to go to a class this morning about stocking our bedside carts! Blah!! So yeah I go over to pod 6 and start working on stocking when my charge nurse asked me to sit! Well I said sure why not Im not doing anything! So I get done there and I take the patient to the pysch building! I decide to stop by and see my bestie Kori!! We talked for a little while! I go back to work and I remember i only work till 3 today! So aroung 1:30 I start to get one of my dreaded migraines. So 3 could not come any faster! I get home and take my meds and take me a nap! So Im better now and Im going to get ready for bed to go to work tomorrow! Day 2 of 3! Still holding on I guess!!


Krystyn said...

Hi Kim-
This is Krystyn from Krizzy designs...can you email me so I can get in contact with you?

krizzydesigns at gmail dot com