Monday, December 1, 2008


So I have been think alot the last few weeks!! About this and that!! Mostly about my mom and da! Well I have been spending alot of time with my second family!! And I have come to realize how precious time really is!! I've told you about my second dad and his cancer and well its not so well!! And it makes me sad that they are having to go through this!! But with all the support of our church family and friends they have overcome so much already!! And thinking about all of this has got me thinking about all the love Kori and Richard have for each other!! I know they pick at each other (which is really funny to watch!!!) but that's how they show their love for each other!! When they look at each other, I can just see it in their eyes that they are still madly and truly and deeply in love!! Well thats what hurts the most!! Kori has been my best friend since I was 13!! She helped me drive through Gardendale when I had my permit because I was scared of traffic!! She has helped me with my relationships with boyfriends, girly stuff like make up and was right there for all the festivities of my graduation!! So we are sisters from another mister!!! We tight!! Well thats why it upsets me to think what is going on in her mind!! I think its like that song "If you're going through Hell, just keep on going" I think that could be her theme song!! Well I was looking around on youtube today and I found a song that might sum up the ordeal and Richard and Kori's relationship to a T!!! Tissue warning Kori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and dad and the boys sooooo much I couldn't tell you enough how much I love ya'll!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Iron Bowl!!!

Today is Iron Bowl Saturday!! I am at work!! Blah!! This is the 3rd iron Bowl in a row that I have had to work!! Oh well!! Im in my Alabama shirt and Im making the best of it!! I cant wait until 2:30!! We are closing a room in every pod to watch the game!! Im in triage so I have the tvs in the lobby to watch plus!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

What next?!?!?

So I get home early from work when was it..... day before yesterday to find that my lovely nephew Ethen was here and wasnt at school! So of course I was a little upset!! So he officially got kicked out of pre-school!!!! Yeah I know!! He's 3!! I dont know what to do with him now! He isnt listening at all!!! So I get home from listening to Kori's oldest tell everyone in his class what he is thankful for! BTW that was the sweetest thing I've heard in a hot minute. So yeah right when I walked in, he was mouthing off to NANA so yep I snatched him up and popped him a good one!! So as I'm typing this he is sitting in the recliner sniffling and crying. But he will get over this attitude if I have anything to say about it! Well let me go before I have a nervous breakdown!! Wish me luck!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My life!

So I went to T-Town last night at about umm lets just call it 8 o'clock at night!! I was going anyway and my friend Matt from work, called me and scked me for a ride cause he was too drunk to drive all the way to t-town to meet up with another co-worker. So me being the great friend I am went and got him and off we go to t-town! So I stayed the night and came home this afternoon after a pit stop at my little cousin Ed's birthday party! So yeah thats my weekend!!

I found a great song a little bit ago on the web and then I found out someone had put clips of my leading man to the song!!! I LOVE PAUL McGILLION!!!!!!!!!!! AND CARSON BECKETT!!!!! Enjoy my readers... Enjoy!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day!!!!!!!

So as you can tell, today is World Diabetes Day! It was established to get the word out about Diabetes!! You can check out the website here. So please go and check it out and you might lwarn a thing or two about my lifestyle I have to live with Diabetes!!! Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Im Sorry!

So this post is to one of my fervent readers personally! you know who you are!!

I just wanted to say I was sorry for the way I blew up on you!! I was just a little upset with EVERYTHING that was going on, but then I started to think about the BIGGER picture and the way things worked out was the way it was meant to be!! I know you know who had a great time at you know where, I have spoken to them personally. I am truely sorry for the way I reacted so childishly to a situation that I didnt even need to think about changing right now! I hope you get to feeling better and I hope in time you will forgive me and love me again like before! I love you and all the you know whos in our lives!! Your my Peas!!!! I heart you peas!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


So yeah had the interview this morning! And yeah I really dont know how it went! The lady I interviewed with said she loved my personality. So I guess it went well!

After the interview my cousin Kaci called me up and we went to the Galleria Mall! It was fun but I wasnt feeling to swuft so I went to the local doc in the box and yep you guessed it... I have Strep Throat!!! I feel crappy! Im off work tomorrow, and I have to take all these antibotics! I hope I get better really fast!!! Updates to come!!!