Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So as many of you know, I had my surgical consult monday! Let me tell ya it wasn't all its cracked up to be! I wait for like EVER to get to the back! Oddly they was really busy! So I get back there and they do the usual! Vitals and wieght and height! So in the last week I have lose 5 more pounds raising the total to a wopping 40lbs in 2 months! So I sit in the room for a little bit and in walks the Dr. So i could tell this was going to be fun by his reaction walking into the room! He introduces himself and takes a seat across the room from me and takes up my chart. So he proceedes to tell me what I already know! He says that I have a stone in my appendix and that it is still there but my recent ct said that everything was normal! Normal?? Then why am I still having the pain! I ask him! He said I really dont know right now! I said ok well what are we going to do about it? He tells me to get on the exam table so he can check if I still had pain when you poke and prod it! Well that was a quick and easy YES!! So he tells me he wants to do a coloscopy to take a look up there and see whats going on. I said if you think its best ok lets do it! Well he said he wants to schedule it asap so I get to the scheduling desk and the soonest is Nov 10th! I asked the girl if there was anything better than that and all she said this is the best we got for now! So I sit here for another 2 months with this pain in my side and wait! I really dont understand this system! But in the end if it helps me stop hurting its the best I can do is wait! I am going to try to get some sleep for work tomorrow!

Oh before I go let me tell you what happened to me and the fam last night!! So Im lying in the bed just listening to the fan cause I have trouble falling asleep, long story! Ok so I hear this god-awful sound coming from the attic!! So I sit and listen closer! It sounds like big boxes or crates being dragged across the floor of the attic! Well the only problem with that is we have NO floor in the attic and NO one was up there!!! Ok so I was already freaked out!! So around the same time frame my dad's work truck was broken into and they stole some money and his... BIBLE!! Yeah I know!! Well we know at least they will have a guilty feeling about it cause of the bible! Well I'll let everyone know about everything that goes on!! Peace!!