Friday, August 15, 2008

My Second Father!!

First of all I would like to give a shout out to Kori!! Cause I stole this lovely pic of her husband off of her blog(see bloglist on stage right!)

This is a pic of my second father!! He really isn't my father but over my many years of knowing him he has become that and much much more! I met Kori and Richard through a mutual friend at our church!(no name mentioned due to the fact of...) Ok so where to begin! I was 13 and I was at "said" friends house for a swimming party for the "said" friends son was having a birthday party! Well worse came to worse and me and Kori started joking around and well there you go!! All those many years later she is my sister from another mister!! HAHA!! Ok not really but she is the closest thing I have EVER had to a REAL sister!!( Im getting teariy eyed here just thinking about this!) Well then comes the introducing to the man that is my "dad"! To tell you the truth I thought he was so much like my dad it was kinda scary!! And then comes the "monsters" I mean lovely children!! Jacob who is 11 now and started Middle school this past wed. and Calob who is 9! And as with the whole family I accepted them as the little brothers I have always wanted!! All of their close friends think that I am their aunt! And the boys just play it off as im their step-sister/adopted! Funny fact... I'm ok with that!! Thats the story of how I have a whole new family like a stones throw from my house! Literlly!!

Well heres to the most... Honestly I haven't come to the conclusion of a emotion to call this feeling! It is like a burden in my heart for not only Richard but for Kori and MY boys!! But here goes!!

Last June I think it was, I get a phone call from Kori and I was at work in the ER. She says " do you have a min. I really need to tell you something and I think you need to sit down!" So I walk out to the ambulance bay and she tells me the most... shocking to say the least, news I have ever heard. She said" you know how Richard was having those stomach pains", I said yeah! "Well they did (I think it was the barium swallow) and he has colon cancer!" I couldn't say ANYTHING!! I just sat there letting everything run its corse in this thick skull of mine. She said he was set up for surgery tomorrow and they are confident that if it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes that they can get it ALL. I said ok I will check in on you when I can, cause I had to work! Alright so the surgery went ok they think they got it all but it was in the lymph nodes so they had to do chemo. It messed with his Cystic Fibrosis so he had to stop.

He went back to the dr. at the beginning of this year and they said he had a "few" tumors "floating" as I think Kori put it, in his stomach and so he did another round of chemo. It just sustainded the tumors. They didn't get bigger or smaller. So they tried a new drug on the tumors they took out last year and it seemed to fight the cancer so they started this new treatment Monday! He went for another cat scan tuesday and it showed that the tumors had grown and there was a "few" more as Kori put it!

Richard, through all of this, I have NEVER seen him be down about it! I have heard from MANY of our church members that they went to see him to bring his spirits up and they leave after having their spirits brought up by him! That is why I love you so so so much Richard!! You are a fighter til the ends of the earth and back! I look at the way you seem to have a different repora with the boys now! I cant even imagine what is going through their minds as they see their "HERO" fight this fight for them and Kori!!! Well and for all the lives he touches through his testament to GOD!!

Right now as Im typing this my heart aches for my Family!! I have ( I hate to say this) broken down a few times since I heard this news today! But all I know right now is everything happens in God's time and He has a reason for EVERYTHING!!! Thats all I can convey to each and everyone of my readers! I hope this gets through one thing!! Cherish EVERYONE that has EVER touched your life! I cherish every moment I have with "dad" now!! I love you SO much Richard!! I don't know what I would have done without you in my life! And I will continue to prosper because of you and your wisdom you continue to give me everyday!!