Friday, August 1, 2008

Best present ever???

Alright!! So my beloved birthday is tomorrow!! And with the help of Kori, I have decided to go with Ashley and Kaci to Alabama Adventure!! It will be fun!! Only one bad thing which is the title of this post!! The best present ever that anyone could give!! The reason I say it like that is because Da has been sick this whole week with the sniffles and now... thats his present to me! I woke up this morning with a cough, fever and the... yep you guessed it... the sniffles! Gah I feel horriable! I have birthday dinner with my aunt that came home from out of town for my birtyday! Thats tonight at 6! I am going to take some medicine and take a nap to see if I feel better!! I pray that I do!!!


Kori said...

Glad you took my advice on the AA. You gals will have fun. And I hope you get to feeling better cause it's bad enough being sick and not being able to breath but it's really bad when your upside down and snot gets in your eye on the ride.

Ewwwww gross.