Sunday, September 7, 2008

Save SGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is a Picture from Ex. Producer Joseph Mallozzi's blog! The Save Atlantis gang have rallied and we have started to "send in the lemons" to get the show back on for a 6th season!! I think its kinda funny because I have a "citrus problem" as Jacob calls it! Its not I have a problem with it, it has a problem with me!! Well anyway! SGA is Stargate Atlantis and SGU is the new show that has recieved the green light after Atlantis is over. It stands for Stargate Universe!! Its kinda a sucky concept if you read the story bechind it!! Well I need to get some rest so I can go to the doctor tomorrow about my "belbow" as Ethen calls it!! Here is come links you can check out if you wanna get involved with the Save Atlantis bregade!!!

You can check out SOSGA here or you can so to Save the lost city here. Also here is Joseph Mallozzi's blog! He has very interesting stuff related to the show and a lot of stuff not related!! But here it is!! Also there is a petition going around to get the show back! I have the petition widget on the right there! Please if you can please sign it!! Thanks for listing to my rambeling!!