Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As you can tell I have been on jury duty this week!!! Let me just tell you it is the boring-est thing I have ever witnessed!!! Witnessed!! Like how I added that in this post!! Considering!! Ok just realized I use too many exclamation points. Anyway! I got called for a case yesterday, but I got dismissed because I know to many firefighters! So I had to go back this morning and I got called about 10:45ish and the panel wasn't going to start until 9 tomorrow morning so they let us go home!! I know how great is that!!

On the Birthday front... as you can see by the previous post the countdown is almost over and I will be 20!! I'm so excited!! I WAS going to go to sing karaoke with Kori but she doesn't wanna go now!! Blah!! So I guess I will sit at home and be all depressed and not do anything!! ( the only reason I say that is I know Kori will read this!) But that's basically it! Updates to come!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


MySpace Countdown Clocks

As you can already tell I am still excited about my birthday!!! I still don't know what to do. I don't have a lot of time to blog tonight cause I have to work tomorrow!! One update though!! I got my hair highlighted today!! It is BLONDE!!!! I mean WOW!!! well let me go to bed!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 BIG updates!!!

Ok so as you can tell alot has gone on in the past 2 days!! Well first of all I will not be moving out of my parents house! I decided against it because I want to go back to school and I wouldn't be able to do that if I moved out!! Future career opptunities come first in my book!!

Secondly I am going to............. as you guessed it!! I'm going to the beach!!!! I am so excited!!! Me and my coworker Ashley have planned to leave Friday the 8th after I get off work at 1 in the afternoon for the white sandy beaches of Panama City Florida!! And my brother and his family is leaving the 6th to go to PCB also so we are going to catch up with them and go to Pinapple Willys so that is going to be great!! I am so excited!!

And for the third best update ever.............. My Birthday is on Aug the 2nd!!!!! Its like 10 days away now!!! I can't think of anything to do! I was going to be out of town but those plans fell threw so... here I am little less than 2 weeks to decide what to do and I come up with anything!! Any suggestions?? I kinda wanted to go to somewhere like SUMO which is a Japanese resturant. Or maybe Karaoke!!! That would be fun!! Ashley wants to go to a club!!! I kinda want to do that too!!! Oh and BTW I will only be 20 its not like the important 21 or anything like that!! My 21st will be on a Sunday so of course to keep from raising suspisions, I will leave for the beach on Aug. 3rd next year!! I think its sad I can think of everything to do for my 21st but not this one!!

Well I was in triage today!! And let me tell you it was crazier than a handbasket underwater with toilet paper in it!! Excuse that previous statement!! I am really tired and I am going to bed now!!

And again if anyone has any suggestions about what to do about my big 20 and exiting the teen years let me know!! And the offer still stands about the any question in the world, you can ask me!!! Thanks for listening!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok gang! Here is the reason I haven't blogged in a hot min. Friday afternoon I went to the ever friendly ER where I work might I add because of my abdominal pain! Well of course, since I am female and all, they wanted to do the whole gyn. work up! I told them numerous times that it wasnt that! Well finally they believed me and sent for a General Surgery consult! That was fun in itself!! So that insues and not long after that I get admitted for pain control. I finally get to my room at like 2 in the morning and finally get some much needed rest by at least 5. Well the docs come in and poke and prod on my belly and after about 3 hours of deliberation decide to discharge me for my follow up appointment with OBGYN on Wed. morning!! I know my pain isn't ANY better but until they get the report from the doc thats the best they can do! Miracles in modern medicine my butt!! I have had this pain for what 3 weeks now and all they can tell me is "well I don't know" thats all I have been getting from every single doc I have talked to since this started!! They think it's this and then no that was ruled out so we think its this, well it cant be that we have this test that says it's not! I wish they can make their minds up and make it stop hurting!!! Thats all I'm asking right now!! Just for it to stop hurting!!!

Well thanks for listening!! I will let everyone know whats going on!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So let me be the first to say WOW!!! It has been a long few days!!! It has been a good hot min since I have posted and I feel like I have let everyone down on that area of this blog!! Well I know some people come and read it cause I have a counter on my blog and it has steadly been rising!! But I feel a little... honestly I really dont know how I feel! I just want to get to know my readers! If anyone would like to ask me any question in the world that they would like to know I will answer to the best of my ability!!

Onto more pressing matters!! I am house sitting for my greatest friend in the world!!! I'm serious we are like sisters from another mister!!! But anyways... I am watching her house and her 10 dogs, her bug-eyed goldfish and a snail!! OMG I thought I killed the snail!!! He sucked himself into his shell and wouldn't move! I was scared!! Well Im in Triage so I need to run now!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Season 4 out today!!!!

OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! As you can tell I'm very excited to let everyone know that Stargate Atlantis Season 4 was released today!!! I went at 8:00 this morning to get my copy!! It is awesome!! That's all I've been watching all day!! So what if I'm a nerd!! At least I admit it!! Well thats basically my day watching stargate atlantis. And I have to work tomorrow so I am going to bed! I thought I would let everyone know about stargate atlantis season 4!! Updates to come!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fire Drill and other...

So as you can see we had Fire Drill tonight!! And the theme was... Yep you guessed it!! Search and Rescue!! It was hilarious!! There was a couple of newbies so we had to show them how its done!! Let's just say that on the first go around the victim is practically a crispy critter!! But once they got the hang of it they did ok!!

So the second pic is of smoke!! That's cause I have received a new name!!! I'm so excited!! Are you ready? It is.............DJ Smokeoligist Kim!!!!!!! How great is that?!? I had to run the smoke machine thats why I am the proud owner of said name!! So that's the only name I answer to know!!

Well I had an uneventful day!! Which was wonderful!!! Went to Hobby Lobby with Kori to get yarn so she can finish my blanket!! Its lime green of course!! Then went to drill and on the way back we had a medical call to the village so it was routine!!

I'm going to bed now!! Updates to come!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The weekend after?!?

So I haven't had the chance to blog in 2 days! I feel like I have left all of you hanging with my updates!!!

Ok so Friday the 4th! I got up and went to Kori's house for some GOOD eating!! Hamburgers potato salad, and of course you can't forget Kori's homemade mac and cheese!!! Its so good you could slap your granny! And then we had the greatest treat ever!! WATERMELON!! (that I choked on thanks to Calob!) Then we went to Kori's parking deck and watched Thunder on the Mountain!! Then we came home and I went to bed cause I had to work yesterday!

Speaking of work! We had an overflow of psych patients and I had to sit with the patients all day! So pretty uneventful! After work me and a good friend went to see Wall-E!! It was great!! Then we went to walmart and walked around and made complete fools of ourselves!!

Today I am in Trauma! YAY! I love being in Trauma!! Well I'll let you know how it goes today!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th Everyone!!

"John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe died on July 4th. Adams and Jefferson died in the same year. Supposedly, Adams last words were “Thomas Jefferson survives.”

Thought I would bring everyone a little 4th of July Facts for you!!! I really didn't know that little tidbit!

Ok so my day was eventful! I get woken up to the sound of little feet running through the house! Yep you guessed it! Ethen came by for a visit!! He was "sick" so he needed to stay home from school! So needless to say I was up for the day!! Da was off work today so he got up early and started weedeating! Well I procedded to get ready and get Beckett ready for a adventure to the dump! That was interesting!! We went and got lunch and returned home to drop off Beckett and go and get a grill that the church needs to cook the meat for our sale for missions...etc. We went to the great and big wally world and looked around for a bit then came home. Da continued to cut grass while I took Beckett to the "doctor" to get her stiches out! That was loads of fun let me just tell you!! She is still mad at me!! Well here I am looking for stupid facts on the internet and getting ready to go to bed! Beckett is looking forward to that! Updates to come!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

diverticulitis or coloitis???

So I returned to the doctor today and thats what I found out! Im still hurting and still throwing up but they said it will get better! I just hope its sooner that later!! well its like 11 o'clock at night and me and Beckett are going to bed! I just wanted to let ya'll know whats going on!! Updates to come!!